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Judgment Collection Frequently Asked Questions | Information | FAQ


How do I list a judgment?
What is a "Buy Now" price?
How much should I sell my money judgment for?
How do buyers pay sellers?
Do I need a business or merchant account to sell money judgments?
What information should I include in a listing?
Is there a fee to list a money judgment?
Why is there a fee for listing my judgment at a price higher than Judgment marketplace’s recommended asking price?
What file formats are accepted?
Can I sell multiple judgments in lots?
How does your payment program work?
Is your payment method secure?
Can I use a different payment method?
Do you have any fees?
What happens if I have an issue/problem with the judgment I purchased?
How does a judgment trade work?
Is the website secure?
What is a Judgment?
What is a small claims judgment?