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Success Stories

"We send out hundreds of mailers each year trying to source judgments to purchase. With just a few clicks on I am able to find a ready and willing seller in the states we do business in and close the transaction. Not only does Judgment Marketplace save us money on postage, but increases our efficiency in finding new acquisitions."
Trey Cooper

"I bought a judgment for $50. I didn't even know it was possible to buy a judgment for that cheap. It's now at an agency for collection. I can possibly make over $800 if collected! Well worth the investment!"
Donald, Brooklyn, NY.

"I listed a judgment for sale which I couldn't collect for 5 years. I considered the judgment worthless. Within 2 months I received over a dozen inquiries, three offers to buy the judgment and sold it for the best price."
Gary, Linden, NJ.

"Using was simple, user friendly, and very productive! I listed my judgment and sold it within 2 weeks. If anyone is skeptical about collecting on their judgment, this website shows that the 80% of judgments that go uncollected is not going to remain such a high percentage. The staff was very helpful and courteous in helping me complete my sale for 11% of the principal amount. So rather than having the stress of collecting it on your own and filling out all the necessary documents, come here and let someone buy it from you so you can wash your hands of the matter!"
Justin Smith, Austin, TX