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Shawn Porat - Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Porat is a 2009 graduate of Hofstra University who was featured in the ABA Journal for his innovative business ideas and specifically his development of Judgment Marketplace. Before his 23rd birthday, Shawn created and developed half a dozen successful businesses including Recovery Of Judgment, LLC a firm that specializes in executing judgments.

Through his extensive involvement with the judgment execution industry, Shawn recognized that there were significant financial gains to be made in acquiring judgments for execution or resale. That insight motivated Shawn to create Judgment Marketplace so that he could bring the judgment investment opportunity to everybody.

Dedicated toward ensuring Judgment Marketplace's success, Shawn oversees every aspect of the forum's growth including website development, public relations, quality control and customer care. Shawn's relentless efforts have resulted in Judgment Marketplace's consistent growth through member acquisition, and consequently the total value of listings available.

Joseph Nierman - Chief Legal Counsel

Joseph Nierman is an attorney who graduated Fordham Law in 1998 and has operated his own law firm specializing in judgment execution and commercial litigation since 2001. Prior to the formation of Judgment Marketplace, Joseph partnered Shawn in developing Recovery Of Judgment into a premier judgment execution company.

Throughout their relationship, Joseph and Shawn have spent hundreds of hours molding Judgment Marketplace’s direction as they work towards introducing a novel concept to the public in a format that is easy to use, and as streamlined as legally possible without compromising client security.

Credited with giving expression to Shawn’s innovative ideas, Joseph also uses his legal experience and training to guide Judgment Marketplace’s market strategies and operations. In addition, to overseeing content on the website, Joseph assists with Judgment Marketplace’s public relations and financial development.

Board of Advisors

Andrew Berger

Andrew M. Berger, is a managing director at SM Berger & Company, a leading boutique investor relations firm located in Cleveland, Ohio. For nearly 10 years, Mr. Berger has advised dozens of small- and micro-cap companies ranging in revenues from $15 million to over $1 billion. He has successfully created and implemented investor relations programs to help clients, throughout a wide variety of industries, communicate to and reach institutional investors that specialize in underfollowed, illiquid investments.

Mr. Berger also manages a portfolio of private and public investments. Demonstrating his success, he has won two national stock picking contests since 2006.

Mr. Berger is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a B.S. in environmental studies.

Honorable James J. Brown

Hon. James J. Brown is a retired Federal Administrative Law Judge. He received his B.A. in History from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas in 1968. He received his Juris Doctor (law degree) from Boston College Law School in 1971. Jim is now the Founder, President and Director of the International Association of Money and Asset Recovery Professionals (“IAMARP”), which is a legal and professional education corporation.

Judge Brown is the best-selling author of the law book, Judgment Enforcement Third Edition, c. 1994 - 2011, now in its eighteenth (18th) year from Wolters Kluwer Publishing. He is also the Editor of Scientific Evidence and Experts Handbook c. 1999 - 2011 from Wolters Kluwer. In addition, Jim is the Managing Editor of Proving and Defending Damage Claims – A Fifty State Survey, c. 2007 -2011, from Wolters Kluwer.

Jim had a thirty-seven year career as a trial lawyer and a Federal Administrative Law Judge, and retired from the bench in October of 2008. He is a Fourth Degree Knight in our Council. In 2009-10, the Council awarded Jim “Rookie of The Year” honors. He is also a member of the Ancient Order of Hiberians (“AOH”) of Wake County.

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Warren Gluck Warren Gluck

Warren Gluck is a commercial attorney at Holland & Knight LLP. His practice covers a broad array of domestic and international, litigation, admiralty, and insolvency issues and is experienced in all aspects of the litigation process. Mr. Gluck has extensive experience in the area of domestic and international judgment enforcement and claim security. He has acted for plaintiffs, defendants and alleged alter-egos and asset transferees in dozens of high-value pre-judgment security and post-judgment and arbitration award enforcement actions. He represents corporations in commercial litigation ranging from energy and international trade disputes to fraudulent document and security cases. He has represented corporate entities and sovereign nations in connection with vessel casualties - including vessel collisions and oil spills. He has handled numerous charter party, container lease, slot charter, fraudulent bill of lading, cargo damage, penalty wage and other maritime contract disputes in arbitration, litigation and mediation, and has represented plaintiffs and ship-owners in connection with vessel arrests and maritime attachments world-wide.

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Steven Gold Steven Gold

Mr. Gold is a practicing attorney with a wealth of corporate start-up and finance experience. Mr. Gold is an international entrepreneur with a wide variety of companies in multiple industries, but primarily in medical technology and healthcare related entities. In addition to his legal background, Mr. Gold has extensive usiness experience, including work in private company formation, funding, and development of successful exit strategies. Mr. Gold is a graduate of Yale University (B.A.), the University of Florida Levin School of Law (J.D.), the University of Florida College of Medicine (M.P.H.) and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Center for Bioethics (M.B.E.).

Michael Young Michael Young

Michael Young is currently the Executive Director of Mel S Harris and Associates, LLC a New York City law office specializing in Creditor Rights and FDCPA / FCRA defense litigation. Michael was instrumental in forming the firm 10 years ago and is also the Managing Member of many debt buying entities. During his 37 years protecting creditor rights, Michael has been intimately involved in the creation of systems and technologies that drive the industry. He has sat on several software advisory boards as well as predictive dialer boards.