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Affiliate Program

The Judgment Marketplace Affiliate Marketing Program is designed to motivate our members to publicize to their friends, family and business acquaintances all of the benefits they stand to gain by becoming part of our network. By encouraging people to sign up with Judgment Marketplace (JM), you have the opportunity to make money through JM whether or not you ever sell or purchase a listing.


Simple. Any person who visits then signs up using your affiliate link will earn you a percentage of fees and sales made during their first two years as a member.

You can refer one person or ten thousand people. The more people you refer, the more money you stand to make. So tell your loved ones and all those other people scribbling on your Facebook wall to sign up with Judgment Marketplace. You are giving them a chance to make money. When they list you as the referring party, they are simply returning the favor.

Share your referral URL with friends,family,colleagues,social network followers, and more.

1st year

50% of Judgment Purchase Fees.
10-50% of Sales on purchase such as listing fees,skiptracing tools, etc.

2nd year

25% of Judgment Purchase Fees.
5-25% of Sales on purchase such as listing fees, skiptracing tools,etc.

The more people you refer to Judgment Marketplace the more you earn through transactions and sales by those referred members.

Become an Affiliate