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Robert Jones v. Kara Dering - $485.00

Landlord Tenant Judgement

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Miami-Dade County [i]
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Case Number
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Judgment Amount
$1,956.50 [i]
Interest Rate
4.75% [i]
Interest Accrued
$266.58 [i]
Total Value
$2,223.08 [i]
4/15/2015 [i]
Statute of Limitation (S.O.L.)
This judgment can be pursued for 20 years from the award date. [i]
S.O.L. Expiration Date
4/15/2035 [i]
Seller's Relationship to Judgment

Seller is the Original Judgment Creditor

Cause of Action that led to Judgment
Landlord / Tenant
Past Owners

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Debtor is an individual.

This judgment was obtained due to a default.

Debtor's social security or tax ID is provided with purchase.

Payment Methods Accepted
  • Certified Check
  • Money Order
  • Wire Transfer

The seller will sign a court filed Assignment of Judgment or similar purpose document.

Seller will sign a Substitution of Attorney or similar purpose document to the buyer upon request.

Listed on 7/17/2017. Last updated on 7/12/2017.


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